About: Richard Baxter

Hello, I’m Richard Baxter and this is my website.

It’s quite sparsely populated for now as it’s quite new. Up until very recently, I was the sole owner of a very, very good digital agency: Builtvisible.com

Richard Baxter SEO

I’m lucky enough to have (part) exited via an MBO, led by my good friend and Colleague, Geoff Griffiths who is the Managing Director at the agency. You can read more about the MBO here and here. I now sit on the company Board as a non-Executive Director and significant shareholder in the firm.

You can read all of my work and guides on Builtvisible here.

I’m an SEO expert of over 15 years and, through the years I’ve worked with brands, founders and marketing people on numerous websites from small startup companies to major global brands.

My passion, though is in the challenge of launching new websites. From designing and researching the architectural structures and UX to devising launch strategy to attract that all-important initial organic traction, I’ve proved myself numerous times.

I think I just really like the challenge of starting with almost nothing except hosting, a design and practically no budget. To keep my search engine optimisation skills sharp (and my interest constantly piqued) I own several Internet properties at various stages of development from “polished and driving revenue” to “needs more work”.

This, in my world is the test of a proper marketer.

richard baxter seo

My other passion, except for my home life is racing.

Richard Baxter in Radical SR3

I’m an amateur racing driver with an interest in vehicle setup and (naturally) improving my racecraft. I started in Radical racing and I’m currently contesting the MX5 Cup with the 750MC. Mazda racing may not seem as glamorous but it’s much, much more competitive than most other UK racing championships! Here’s me in the Radical at Silverstone:

I’m also a keen sim racing enthusiast. I’ve spent probably around a year racing competitively in iRacing and am now at a level where I feel happy to share my experiences. On that note, I launched simracingcockpit.com in June 2020 to help others learn more about the world of sim racing. Follow my (racing) account on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/richBracing