How to Remove the Sandisk U3 Launchpad

A few weeks ago I bought a 16gb Sandisk Micro USB drive, awesome for doing large installations from USB and carrying around heavy duty files. Though I found the drive itself to be excellent, I didn’t have any use for the installed “U3 Launchpad” application.

Formatting the drive didn’t remove the app, though eventually, I discovered how to remove the U3 Launchpad software from my Sandisk USB drive.

Here’s how to remove Sandisk’s U3 Launchpad:

  1. Open the Launchpad menu, and click “Settings”. You need to select the “U3 Launchpad settings” option:
  2. Select the “Uninstall” option in the left hand navigation and click “Uninstall U3 Launchpad”
  3. Select the restore files option (unless you want to completely wipe the drive)
  4. Click “Next”
  5. The uninstaller begins the format process
  6. Your Sandisk will now be free of Launchpad

All done, and a remarkably easy process once you realise that the easiest way to remove this software is allow it to run…

Want to re-install U3? I can’t come up with a single reason why you’d want to do this but just in case, Sandisk’s site gives the following advice:

SanDisk’s U3 website features a U3 Launchpad Installer utility that you can use to re-install the U3 Launchpad on the Cruzer smart drive.